FABTECH CONSULTING ENGINEERSPVT. LTD. pleased to offer THIRD PARTY INSPECTION SERVICES based on rich experience in this field to serve the various industries in best way.

  • In process & Final Inspection(QC)at Vendor’s/Contractor’s place & Site with all International/Domestic/Manufacturing/Safety codes & various specifications as desired.
  • Certification of final documentation& other QA functions including Audits.
  • Type of Industry: Gas/Oil/Fertilizers/Cement/Power/Pulp & Paper/Piping/ Defence/Nuclear Plants/Steel Plants/Pharmaceutical/Breweries/Food/Sugar etc.
  • Covers all type of equipment like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger, Towers, Agitator, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Safety Equipment, Plant & Machinery
  • Our Expertise Engineers will be available on short notice for your services/ Short term contract/Long term contract/ On-roll
  • FABTECH will serve you with best Efforts & Services.
  • All stages will be in link with QCP/TP, Manufacturing codes & specifications with standard engineering practices including Qualifications & Documentations.

We provide Following Services:

Customers need quality & vendors need support. FABTECH engineers ensure that your equipment is delivered on time with value-added support ranging from Raw Material till Despatch. FABTECH has all requisite modules in place to deliver what you need because FABTECH understand needs both Clients and his vendors. FABTECH has presence all over the country and hence can provide support on visit-based inspection &/or part-time or Full time coverage at the vendor locations in India and worldwide for various engineering materials and equipment at different stages of production.
The Support includes:

  • Interaction with Design, Purchase & QA Engineers of vendors & clients both.
  • Designing, detailing,purchase specifications for Raw material & Bought-out items
  • In-Process & Finalinspection alongwith establishing the Quality Standards as desired by client.
  • Documentation Incl. Test Plans, Weld Plans, QA & QC Plans, Specifications & Final Documentations
  • Set back if any will be reported to client/ Expediting & corrective action if any.
  • Internal Audit if want can be done as per ISO/ASME/Standard Codes etc.as per clients manual.

Installation & shutdown, an integral part of industry,requires prompt & reliable service.The turn-around time & quality delivered depends on the resources employed include manpower & thorough understanding of codes & quality requirements. FABTECH scores over its competitors for both.

FABTECH has specialist & experienced Engineers & all the necessary resources to undertake inspection activities during the shutdown of refineries & process plants. FABTECH can also offer advanced NDT services like INCOTEST, LRUT,TOFD, phased array etc. In addition,FABTECH assures you full support for procedure & Welder qualifications, In-process & Final inspections and certifications in line with applicable repair codes and standards. Project planning & execution along with cost-control also contribute towards quality & timely execution..

The installation & Shutdown services include:

  • Inspection of civil foundation in accordance with PPE Consultants alongwith expediting.
  • Pre-Installation Inspection of Reactors, Heat Exchangers and condensers along with piping & valve etc.
  • Additional manpower Support (Experienced & Skilled Engineers) as & when required.
  • Support for welders & Welding Procedure specification (WPS), Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) & Welding Performance Qualification (WPQ)

On-Time delivery of quality products is critical for any project execution for any PPE client.Timely execution means expediting with Project Planning & Control, Proper Co-ordination between client &vendor & his suppliers.It is an 360° activity & a lot depends upon the experience of expediting engineer & the back office support

Since FABTECH has presence all- over India & has experienced engineers on it’s roll,meeting timelines with proper planning & execution at every stage of manufacturing is advantage & our prestigious clients have only words of praise for us. Since, all major industrialized towns, we have teamof engineers.FABTECH quality can provide coverage to any plant, any remote location across the width & breadth of our country.
As expeditors, our experience engineers can,

  • Manage & control all projects activities & milestone like project managers do.
  • Identifying the root cause & provide trouble-shoot techniques to vendors.
  • After identification of delays, provide on the spot solutions in consultation with vendor.
  • Exploring the alternatives to shorten the activity-time to cut on project duration.
  • Monitor every activity & report project issues to vendor on periodic basis.

FABTECH Quality Services has full-fledged databank of QA/QC Engineers with over 100 engineers working on its pay-roll &equal number of engineers working for reputed QA/QC agencies like LRIS, BV, EIL, etc. on contract. Since these engineers have varied experience from installation, in-process, testing to documentation and the services can be provided all over India at short notice for short or long duration,on –job or contract terms.

The skill sets of our QA/QC & Expediting Engineers include

  • Experience withworld-class QA/QC & organizations like BVQI, LRIS, EIL
  • Qualifications from world-class Institutes like PMI, USA

Our Inspection Services are managed by Mr. L. H. Kamalakar having 25 years of rich experience in QA & QC in reputed Engineering Organization & 10 years with TPI agency.
Contact Person: Mr. L. H. Kamlakar / Email ID: kamalakar@fabtech.in

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