Marketing - Representation

Marketing division of “Fabtech” is engaged in sales, project management and service support for bringing world class technologies to the Indian market.

We are in the business of indenting and offer service support to Indian clients who are keen in introducing advance technologies.

With our experience in manufacturing we can provide services of Project Management as well as manufacturing or assembling of these equipments or production under Made in India Initiative.

Countries from where we source:

We represent manufacturers from Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China to bring world class technologies to Indian market.

We cater following market segment:

1) Automobile 2) Railway 3) Defense 4) Aerospace 5) Power 6) Oil & Gas 7) Port & Shipyards 8) LNG

Machines Handled

a) Metal forming , Metal Cutting,
b) All types of Mechanical and hydraulic presses
c) Gangway Towers and Loading Arms.
d)Laser cutting, Laser Welding, Robotic Welding.
e) Stamping Tool & Dies for Car body.
f) Prototypes of Plastic, Sheet Metal, Aluminum engine, Power Train Components in Auto Industries.
g) Specialized components for Automobile industries , Vacuum Casting, Aluminum casting

Solutions Offered

1.Turnkey project management.
2. Vendor sourcing and development
3. Proposal Engineering
4. Project execution and product support
5. Service support.

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